recruiters do not hire


recruiters do not hire

Recruiters retain, not just hire. A recruitment process is a mechanism for that.

Selection processes suck because they're a shield. They're hard and long not to attract the best, but to keep as many as possible. They fight attrition.

If selection were a breeze, job rotation would be a given. How stable can a company be then? But even with a long process, it's a middle ground. The decision is always whether you want to be there, and that's what matters.

Imagine you had an argument with a colleague. If changing jobs were a 10-minute affair, would you do it instead of dealing with the problem? Too easy. The reality is, changing jobs isn't that easy, and it shouldn't be. It should take more than a 10-minute conversation.

Selection is not just about whether they accept you. It's about whether you want to be there. And that takes time to figure out. But the right fit is worth the effort, even if it means a longer selection process.

A technical conversation should be enough for a good engineer to showcase their abilities and recognize another good engineer. If they can't do it in 10 minutes, they're not good. The best engineers can spot talent quickly and accurately, and they know what to look for beyond what's on paper or in a formal interview.