languages worth learning


What language should I learn next?

"A language that doesn't affect the way you think about programming, is not worth knowing." Alan Parlis

What language should I learn next?

You should first learn Basic, and then C. Why? Because the list is in alphabetical order and I would not recommend APL to my worst enemy.

  • Basic, C, Elixir, Forth, Go, J or Kona, Ocaml, Prolog, Racket or Scheme, Rust, Zig

If your langauge of choice is not in the list, does it mean that it's not worth learning? Probably yes.

But here is a list of HMs: ADA, ATS, Coq, Haskell, Idris, Julia, Lean, Mercury, Nim, Shen.

Note that C is in the list for two reasons. To understand kernel programming. To understand why is to so bad.

Note that sometimes I recommend a contemporary alternative, others the old school. It does not matter. Learn about both and their differences.